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    I have spoken to people who work at both companies and though they deny this, I get a sense that since TMobile never went with the 650, they are not going to work together in the future...TMobile is more difficult and less enthusiastic than Sprint, Cingular and Verizon.

    Has anyone heard anything like this. I've been wating for TMobile to come out with the 650 and now that the 670/700 is looming, I am considering dropping TMobile. However this is tough b/c I use my phone internationally and the TMobile service is pretty good.
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    I am just as frustrated as everyone else with Tmobile not releasing the Treo 650. I just received the latest Palm newsletter and it appears that have a deal with the new LifeDrive and Tmobile hotspots. I guess not all communication has halted between the two companies.

    From what I remember there were some people speculating that Tmobile wasn't going to release the next Treo unless it had WiFi like the HP smartphones they carry. Who knows if that's true or not.
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    FWIW, I just spoke with a T-Mo internet/smartphone rep who says that by the end of the year, they will support and carry 2 new smartphones. She either did not know or would not say which brands, but the reason for my call was to inquire if I should buy a 650 elsewhere or wait, and she seemed emphatic about waiting.
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    Unfortunatly 2 new smartphones could mean a lot of different things... it could be the Sidekick 3. No thanks. I really hope they get something useful. Right now I'm sticking with Tmobile though because I get 3000 minutes for $50.
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    Back when I was a T-Mo customer, I was told the 650 was in testing. And that the tech rep I spoke to actually held a test unit. Hope that helps.

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    Why would TMobile release a 650, when a "670" or "700" release is looming? Doesn't make any sense.
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    Verizon did it with the 600.
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    The two models that are coming are the HTC Wizard and the HTC Tornado according to bargainpds. More details here

    It has also been reported that T-Mobile is focusing on their Europeon operations right now and letting the US operation glide along. They have been very quiet about their plans for the next generation of high speed wireless (UMTS) while most other carriers have been quite public about their plans. They are also concentrating more on the WiFi Hotspot part of their business which is doing very well right now.
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    i spoke with a rep at t-mo last week as well and he said that they have quite a few new phones as well as a whole new service giving individuals wifi hotspot service from your home using some sort of modem-like device. He said all of this was coming in q4.

    since i travel internationally as well and t-mo is the only carrier that actually works in my home, i'll be sticking with it.

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