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    I called today because my treo 600 is giving me problems. I have had it 3 or more years and had it replaced 3 times. This time the rep said after they send me this replacement, (she stated it will be replaced with a referbished treo 650) they are droping the insurance. She said that cingular made a mistake in keeping coverage on my phone??? Is this legal? Can they drop me and say it was a mistake? I know they are not providing new customers with this service but droping existing customers and saying it was a mistake at the same time you here a message about insurance fraud on your part?? What about there part?
    Do I have rights or am I droped without recourse availability?
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    Squeeking wheel gets the grease. Write to everyone from the CEO on down, someone will listen.
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    I think you can be dropped at any time. From what I hear about Cingular/Lockline insurance, you were lucky to get a replacement.
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    It was a mistake. Cingular never covered Treo's. I have come up the ladder, 270, 600, and now 650, and they have always stated that they do not insure the Treo line.
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    Well got my replacement its a new Treo 650 it showed no signs of being used or refurbished but who knows. I am happy that I have the new 650 but sad that I have all these accessories, car kit, USB connectors, desktop cradle that are worthless to me now. Maybe I should just buy another 600? Now to start all over again.
    Thanks for listening.

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