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    Hi, I noticed today that my downloads speed have dropped. According to the speed test at I've been getting 35kbits/sec, compared to well over 100kbits/sec in the past.

    Has anyone else in the Los Angeles area noticed this problem?


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    Well, I just got my treo and was expecting at least 100kbps, but I too am seeing about 30/40kbs here in downtown LA.

    In San Diego, I've done a little better, averaging about 70, and once or twice hitting 120k.

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    Nope, im always getting 150k+ and I use it all day all over the city.
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    It appears to mee that the entire network is down in KC at least the GPRS network. I can't blazer or versamail.
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    To get EDGE speeds would you need to have the cingular firmware/software or would an unlocked 650 with the palm firmware work?
    Also is there a difference between MediaNet unlimited speeds and the PDA connect speeds?

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