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    My Treo 650 is having the audio jack problem and I would like to exchange it through the warranty program, but the rep told me that if they found the phone to be abused, it would be considered out of warranty and would charge me $400 for the replacement. It is certainly not abused, but it has been dropped and has two or three knicks on the corners. The screen is perfect though.

    Anyone had experience with the exchange program and phones that had been scratched up when they were returned?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Not for a treo 650, but this might help anyway. I recently exchanged a v551 through the warranty exchange program without any serious problems, and the phone was showing heavy wear and tear. The csr's were friendly and helpful as well.
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    I think you will be fine. There are mostly referring to people returning a phone with a cracked screen.
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    I've had horror stories within my company (who recently left Cingular for Sprint) because of their Exchange by Mail program. They charged a few people full price for their replacement phones without giving reason or offering to send the original back. They said it was "damaged beyond economical repair," when it certainly was not; one even was in perfect condition; and not one had their "white water-damage indicators" turned red.

    It's a third party company contracted out by Cingular and it's just a mess. Before sending your Treo to Exchange by Mail I would take detailed photos with timestamp, then send it in a padded box and send it certified mail. And no, I'm not kidding!

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    I had similar problem with you. My treo had audio jack problem and when I called the CS, they said they will charge $400 if they see any water damageor abuse sign. My old phone has 2 minor scratches and a small hairline crack in the body (which is not noticeable, you have to really know where the crack is to find it) which I think was caused because of the stress from the phone cover.
    Before I sent the phone back to Cingular, I took several pictures of my phone and side by side picture with the replacement phone (where each screens diplayed MEI number) just in case they come back and told me that my phone was damaged when they receive it.
    I returned the phone, and after 2 billing cycle, I dont see any replacement phone charge in my bill (knock on wood).
    So I guess they don't expect you to send a completely flawless phone. Minor scratches (normal wear and tear) is OK


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