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    I'm having a very unique problem and I was wondering if anyone else out there was experiencing the same thing as me. I currently have my TV service with DISH network and my cell phone service with T-Mobile. Everytime I place or recieve a call while watching TV on a specific channels I lose satelite signal (searching for satelite signal). I never have problems with my cell phone (Treo 600) I just lose singal through the DISH. This not only happens with phone call but with data usage also. My wife and son's phone (both T-mobile) have the same problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this before? My DISH reciever is the PVR508. It only happens when it's tuned to channels 170 and 6001, but there may be more that I haven't noticed.

    I have tried calling DISH and they have defaulted to T-mobile and T-mobile has defaulted to DISH. Thanks for your time.
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    That's extremely odd. But T-Mobile is 1.9Ghz and if I'm not mistaken DISH network operates in a similar frequency range. I supposed this is possible if you have a really weak DISH signal and the phones are causing just enough interference to interrupt the signal.
    You should check the signal strength on your DISH network receiver and make sure you're getting at bare minimum 85. If I recall DISH signals are usually over 100. If you have low (say 50) then the dish needs re-pointing. Depending on how/where it's mounted it could have settled a little off target.
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    I have Dish Network at home too, but I use a Sprint CDMA Treo 650. I have not experienced any lost signal error message on Dish while using the Treo...
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    I have DISH Network and Treo 600 and haven't experienced any problems with my DISH signal.
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