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    Hey everybody. I just recently got my Treo 600 from ebay, and unlocked it last night. Its originally a Cingular Blue (former AT&T) phone. I have another Cingular phone (Sony Ericsson), but unlocked the Treo so I could use it with my T-Mobile data only account. I'm getting sick of my Sidekick 2 and I like how on the Treo I can download apps and such. On the SK2 you're limited to what tmo offers through their "download" center, which isn't much. The treo is recognizing my tmo sim, I can make calls and send text messages just fine, but its not letting me log onto the web. Whenever I try, it goes through the sign-in process, but I keep getting a message that says "Error: GPRS connection not available. Check your settings in Network Preferences and/or try again later. (0x7143)"

    Could this be because I have the Sidekick 2 Data plan, and not the regular T-Mobile Internet plan? Thanks in advance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by babydol
    Could this be because I have the Sidekick 2 Data plan, and not the regular T-Mobile Internet plan? Thanks in advance!
    Yes, it could very well be. Call T-Mo and substitute either the Unlimited Internet or TZones (it's called something else, now) plans.
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    The sidekick data plan is completely different than a normal GRPS/EDGE internet plan, it's totally incompatible with a Treo. You'll need to call customer service and tell them to remove the sidekick plan and add unlimited internet ($20.)
    If you're cheap an you want to get the $6 T-Zones plan there's a way to get very limited internet access, but I recommend the full $20 plan.
    The $20 plan you should use "T-Mobile Internet" network setting
    The $6 T-Zones plan you use "T Zones" network setting.

    That's it. If you have T-Zones internet you're good to go to do anything you want.

    Tip: Get the web browser Xiino for faster web browsing. Since it uses a server to download the web pages, reformats the images, so the Xiino browser on your Treo only downloads the deced pages. Blazer (that's the Treo's web browser) downloads the full page and then re-formats it on the handset which is more data and takes longer. However Xiino doesn't work with quite as many web pages as built in Blazer. So use both Blazer and Xiino alternately with appropriate sites. or

    T-Zones blocks port 80 (for web access) but you can get to the web if you use the following proxy setting in blazer, xiino, or IBM Java. port 8080
    I'm told (haven't confirmed) that email ports are open on T-Zones.
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