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    Has anyone been charged Roaming charges for using Data? I have the (grandfathered) Unlimited Media Works package for data on my Treo 650. In April i went to Bermuda and was able to use data for free, then in July I went to Canada and now they are charging me $200 for roaming data!! Anyone have an experience or opinion on this?
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    No experience just an opinion.

    If you travel outside the U.S. you'll be charged roaming. Not sure why you weren'y charged it the first time. Just lucky I guess.
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    I believe Bermuda and Canada fall under Cingular's international roaming which applies also to data "calls".

    Now, I'm assuming that you may have a North America voice plan, unfortunately data is not included and consequently is considered roaming. I think Cingular may have an international unlimited data plan, but I think it's only available to Blackberry users.

    Edit: Bermuda may be included in the regular nationwide plans, but I'm certain Canada is not; I would call Cingular to clearify.

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