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    Has anyone used Cingular in St. Thomas? If so, is there an extra charge for using service?
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    I just came back from a cruise that went through Puerto Rico and St. Thomas and my T-mobile phone was roaming between Cingular and SunCom. I'm guessing, but if you have a national plan the U.S. Territories should be included since you guys have towers out there...again just my guess.

    Although, I didn't test it, browsing the web seemed alot faster than here in Baltimore....added that to my list of reasons to move to the islands.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK,$the$ $national$ $plans$ $for$ $T$-$Mobile$ $don$'$t$ $include$ $the$ $US$ $Virgin$ $Islands$ $or$ $Guam$-$they$ $do$ $include$ $Puerto$ $Rico$.$I$'$m$ $not$ $sure$ $about$ $Cingular$,$but$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $think$ $they$ $include$ $USVI$ $or$ $Guam$ $either$...

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