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    I did try to install every ROMs into my 650. However, I come up with some comments.

    a, 1.13-ROW/1.31 issue: (I flashed the 1.13/1.28 to 650, then flashed the 1.15-CNG one time only then I have the 1.13-ROW/1.31) Battery stuck in 99%.
    b, The 1.13-ROW use more memory? Pls see pictures for more details. Pic 1: 1.15-CNG (orginal), Pic 2: 1.13-ROW (original) Pic 3: 1.13-ROW cut 1 (languages, tutorials, Realplayer). Pic 4 1.13-ROW cut 2 (as cut 1 plus Versa Mail).
    c, The Treo charges its battery until you plug out the power cable? Mine (650 x 2 sets) keep saying "100% charging" (eventhough the LED changed to GREEN) forever until I plug out the power. Not like Treo 600, it simply says "100%" once the LED change to GREEN.

    I have extracted sucessfully 1.15-CNG installer into (using the NEW rom tool T3 java class in Shadowmite forum). If anyone would like to have it for customized pls email me. FWI, after I did customized the 1.15-CNG in (remove realplayer, tutorials...) by using his ROM tool, then I replace all the files in Treo650.ROW folder with the similar files which is spitted out from java. I now have only "free space 21.9M of 22.4M" instead of 23M of 23.7M
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