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    I'm all hooked up with a 600 GSM unlocked and got the T-Mobile Mobile service/internet- Like T-Zones
    I know everyone is saying change the port settings but I can't find them.

    This is what I have
    Go to Preferences
    It shows Service- (I can set to any of the following- none have worked)
    a T-Zones (that is what I'm trying mostly)
    b T-Mobile Internet (that is the $20/month)
    c T- Mobile VPN (Don't know)
    All three are locked and I can't modify
    Tell me where to start???

    Thanks a lot, great site
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    You shouldn't have to change anything to fetch email; just connect using TZones. For surfing the web, you'll need to specify a proxy server - the server's ip address are scattered over the forums here.
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    I can send emails, not receive one.
    It times out when trying to connect to the internet.
    I can't find anywhere to specify the proxy server at all.
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    You cannot modify any services in preferences.Here is what you need to do: blazer>menu>options>preferences>advanced>set proxy>check custom proxy & write the proxy server as a port 8080.
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    Got it! Sorry for such a newbe question.
    The first thing it does is go (SENDING..) for a while then it DATA Timeout. It says the "page download could not be completed. Please try again later" What is that?
    Thanks yet again
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    just tried this work around, all i get is the t-zones wap home page. no other internet and no email. any thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by noc
    just tried this work around, all i get is the t-zones wap home page. no other internet and no email. any thoughts?
    At the wap home page is a link named "Email & Chat" > then this link opens up to another set of links, one of them is "My Email", "AOL Mail", etc.
    On the "My Email" link, if you have mailboxes (POP) defined, you can read your emails from there. If you don't have any mailbox define, you can choose to add mailbox, if the button is enabled else you need to go to your desktop and login to your TMo account > Communication Tools (or under Messaging > Set Up My EMail) > Access My E-mail.
    Follow the instructions from there.

    This must be required in your plan: Included WAP access.

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