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    Hi, I've been using my Treo 650 GSM unlocked on T-Mobile (latest GSM firmware) for a few months, and it was working fine. I recently switched to Cingular in order to get better data speeds, and have been having problems. I'm hoping someone on this board has experienced these problems and can help. This board is a great resource for information:

    • When I'm at home, there seem to be two cellular networks within range of my phone. 1 has 5 bars, and the other has 0-1 bars.

    • My phone seems to be constantly switching between these two networks. I can tell whenever it's switching because it is sitting next to my computer speakers, which make a loud buzzing noise, and I see the display turn on (for no apparent reason, not touching the phone), and the signal strength change.

    • This happens every 10-20 minutes or so.

    • After doing this for a few hours, the phone locks up, and although the green light is still flashing indicating it is ready to receive calls, all my calls go to voicemail and I miss calls.

    • If I push the red button to wake up the phone, it will take a good 30 seconds or so before the screen even comes on. It doesn't respond to a button press quickly enough to disable the screen lock.

    • This can only be solved by doing a soft reset on the phone, which seems to be necessary about once a day.

    • Also, sometimes my phone would ring and I would answer the call, and I could hear them but they couldn't hear me. (This issue has been resolved by switching the SIM card)

    The things I have tried to do to fix it so far:

    • Performed a hard reset on my phone, hotsynced with a new profile, and didn't install any 3rd party software, just to see if a 3rd party application was crashing the phone.

    • Called Cingular. They checked my SIM card and found that I was using a Gems SIM card which has known compatibility issues with this phone (or so they say). They swapped my SIM card for a different type (name started with an A, but I can't remember the exact type), which was supposed to fix the problem. It did fix one problem, that was the one-way audio issue (callers not able to hear me when they called), but didn't fix the phone lockup problems

    • Called Cingular again and spoke with their technical support department. What an utter waste of space they are... Their canned response "There are currently no problems with the network in your area, therefore it must be a device issue. Call Palm One." I should mention that I don't have these problems at the office, only at home.

    • Called Palm One and they reluctantly agreed to send me a new phone that is supposed to arrive in 3-5 business days. Can you believe they actually wanted me to either send in my phone and wait 5-7 business days for a repair, or pay $25 just to have a phone shipped to me?!?!?! This is a $600 phone and they want to charge me for tech support only 1 month after purchase!?!?! I finally went to a supervisor and got them to waive the $25 fee and they are shipping me a new phone.

    To be honest with you, I don't think the new phone is going to do any better than the old one. I think it's a software issue, and I have to say this phone has more holes than swiss cheese. I have never had a phone that reboots itself when it receives a text message; this one does. I have never had a phone that had to be rebooted to receive calls either.

    I am at my wit's end and am about to return this $600 piece of crap and get a real phone. I mean really, $600 and the tech support department wants me to pay for a repair? F'in ridiculous...

    I love the functionality of this phone, but somewhere along the way PalmOne forgot the most important functionality of this device: Making phone calls! It's a little embarrasing to have all your co-workers laughing at you because the $600 phone you bought can't even receive a phone call.
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    Does anyone have a fix for the lockup problems I'm getting on Cingular? Is the fix just to switch back to T-Mobile? I really don't want to because the data speeds on Cingular are excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by illumin8
    Does anyone have a fix for the lockup problems I'm getting on Cingular? Is the fix just to switch back to T-Mobile? I really don't want to because the data speeds on Cingular are excellent.
    T-Mobile's no slouch in that area,'s rolling out EDGE. I regularly get speeds of 100-135 kbs in Atlanta and higher than that in Savannah.
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    I would highly recommend updating your phone’s firmware to 1.31 if you have not yet. If you have already I feel bad for you because I know the frustration but it fixed all those slow downs and apparent lockups on my phone. Unlocked GSM Palmone on Cingular as well.


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