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    Has anyone heard when T-Mobile will be rolling out and supporting the 650? The Sprint & Earthlink offers are enticing, but I'd prefer to stick to the GSM standard.
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    Wrong forum.
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    right forum, t-mobile=US GSM
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    Quote Originally Posted by koche005
    right forum, t-mobile=US GSM
    Yes, after I moved the thread.

    tpthomastt, I don't know when TMo's going to offer the 650, but you know you can buy and unlocked GSM Treo and use it right? That's what I do.
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    No but on a barely related topic I know they'll start selling the Sony Ericsson GC83 PC modem card (EDGE) in about a month or so in preparation for the upcoming nationwide EDGE rollout around the beginning of next year. So if they'll be offering the new card soon, maybe they'll be offering new phones as well including the Treo 650.
    This is merely speculation, don't get your hopes up.
    I got this info from a T-Mobile store employee. Perhaps stop in to one of the stores and see if they have any news on the 650 which I did not ask about.
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    For what its worth, I activated an unlocked 650 the other day and the rep told me they were not going to get the 650 now. I had read they were but she insisted that tmo decided not to at this (late) point in the game.


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