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    I have searched and searched this forum. I have tried everything that I have seen posted and I am still unable to connect to the web and my e-mails are not working. I have T-Mobile Web for ($5.99) that I just signed up for today.

    Can someone please walk me through how to get these set-up so they will work??? Is my e-mail not working because I don't have my web set up properly? I feel so lost and helpless, someone please help.

    I am so frustrated, I am about ready to go back to my Blackberry 7100t!
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    did you check with tmobile and make sure that it's activated with tmobile?
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    I just called T-Mobile and they said that it can take up to 72 hours for it to be active. Sorry for the premature post! I will let you know the status in around 72 hours (I guess).
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