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    NEED HELP going to 1.13ROW 1.28FW

    right now my setup is..

    unlocked CINGULAR

    with now..
    firmware: 01.23
    software: 1.06/5052/0..

    ive tried to hotsync the "44" files to t650 on many accounts
    but i cant get the upgrade to work.. is going to 1.28 even necessary before going to 1.31?

    i would like to make the fone UNBRANDED/GSM with the exception of the cingular on the outside of the housing.
    any insight would help. thanks in advance
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    well, after searching through this forum, I found a proxy which may work for me. Maybe it's my area? (Nashville, TN).

    I put in the getmorespeed proxy on port 8080.

    Pages seem to be loading okay, but I've only searched a few. I'll have to give it a full test tomorrow.

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