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    I just received the Unlocked 650 I've been lusting after. When it arrived, I was suprised to see that it says Cingular on the box and item. I went back to re-read the eBay auction and see that it said Cingular Unlocked in the title. I thought that was just 'keyword stuffing' used in the title to signify which GSM carriers this phone would work on since it was unlocked. Argh.

    I opened the package and see that while it appears unused, the seal was broken. Looks like they had a brand-new Cingular 650, turned it on long enough to unlock it and then closed it back up and sold it. I'm fine with that.

    Now the (possible) problem: I have T-Mobile service. The phone seems to work for voice and I received an SMS this morning, but I need to check email and surf the web. I have the 300 SMS option and $5/mo T-Zones option on my plan.

    Can I surf the web with my current plan setup?

    Should I flash the ROM to remove VersaMail and the Cingular screens/other junk since I plan to use ChatterMail?

    Any caveats to flashing the ROM?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi, I also have a Cingular, unlocked phone on a T-mob accnt. To answer some of your q's (if you havn't already figured out), I have unlimmitted t-zones, and can browse the net w/ no issues (i had to open a port...i think it was around this site that's where i found it). I have no idea what "flashing the ROM" means...i'm not tech savvy, but I hope this is somewhat helpful.
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    I moved my Unlocked/Unbranded from Cinglar to T-Mobile with a job change recently. I had to go through t-mobile's tech support to get text messaging and caller ID to show up. It was on their end, and they had no issues with the fact that it was a 650, so I don't think you'll have ANY problems.

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    With $5 TZones, they block port 80 so you can't web surf (but you can do everything else... email etc.) Some people are lucky enough to not have port 80 blocked but the norm is that it IS blocked.
    Simple enough, set blazer to use the following proxy which will get you to TZones and any web site you want. The proxy is the standard one that all TMobile phones use: port:: 8080

    TZones site is:
    Treo 750 (AT&T)
    Treo600->Treo650->Cing8525->Blackberry 8700c->Treo750->AT&T Tilt->Treo750->iPhone 3G
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    Thanks for the replies. I used the proxy server for a while and that allowed me to use my unlimited T-Zones to surf the web, but not all ports were available.

    I ended up switching my service to the $19.99 T-Mobile Internet. It took about 12 hours for them to get it enabled but now all is good. I now have ChatterMail connecting to my IMAP mailbox and couldn't be happier.

    Last night (thanks to the awesome, helpful threads here and on I flashed to a custom, unbranded 1.28 ROM with just English, no Versamail and no Tutorial. Now I have tons of space free. I also installed the NeatFreak suite as the very first applications so I can properly remove applications in the future.
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    its better if you spend a little more and buy a unlocked gsm treo. thats something i regret doing. i bought a cingular locked treo and unlocked it to use on tmobile. 2 or 3 weeks later the ear speaker part stopped functioning so i was only able to talk on the phone using an ear piece or through the crappy speakerphone. the phone was still under warranty but nobody would help me because i have a cingular phone under tmobile. cingular couldnt help me because i don thave a cingular account. tmobile wouldnt help me because they don't offer the t650. palm won't help me because its a cingular phone and cingular is supposed to. i should have spent $50 more and got a unlocked gsm treo.

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