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    I tried some searches and couldn't find anything on this:

    My 650 today stopped connecting to the net. I have done a soft reset on the phone and it still hasn't changed. All it does is says...Connecting and then cancels. My son has the exact same phone and has no problems.

    Any thoughts???
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    Maybe a provisioning problem--have you tried someone else's SIM [like your son's], or called Cingular?
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    I have a Treo 650 on T-Mobile, and had been using its unlimited Internet for about a week and a half. As of 8/11/05, my Internet, email, and SMS outbound quit working too. I've tried soft reset and hard reset, and it still will not work.

    I noticed 2 things: (1) I got an SMS on 8/11/05 from "907" with the text "OPA OK", (2) a different connecting message: now it says - Connecting to T-Mobile VPN, and eventually fails; but previously, when it was working, it said - Connecting to T-Mobile Internet. Did you have similiar symptoms?

    Could this be a cell phone virus?


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