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    I have T-Mo with T-Mobileweb for internet access and the proxy I was given by fellow Tcentral member works pretty good for light surfing, but does not allow me to use shoutcast (PTunes just says reconnecting....forever). As I have already talked to the folks at Normsoft and the problem really appears to be a connection thing.


    1. Anyone willing explian a proxy server to me the neophyte
    2. Where or who has other valid proxy servers I can try?
    3. anyone else every have my little problem

    All I want is to try some streaming audio.


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    Short answer: We can't use T-Zone (web) for anything other than emails and light web surfing.

    Long answer: The Proxy is the short for "proxy web server" that T-Mobile has set up so that all surfing we do must pass through that. As you may have noticed, you set the proxy in Blazer. So each application (other than emails) has to go through the proxy. As far as I know only web browsers and Directory Assistant have this setting. So PTune does not know about the Proxy and tries to send the request directly which never reaches the shoutcast server and you get stuck at "Sending..."

    You can ask the PTune author to modify it in such a way that it can connect via a proxy server. I have no idea if this is possible or not.

    Otherwise, get full Internet access from T-Mobile at a higher monthly charge. This will presumably remove the requirement of going through a Proxy.

    Hope this helps.
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    Shoutcast music streaming was one of the main reasons I upgraded my TMO account to full internet access.

    I feel so cool telling people I'm listening to music from Europe on my Treo <hehe>.


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