Hey guys, I've contacted T-Mobile's helpdesk, but they're not quite grasping what I need. I think you more tech-savvy guys may understand.

My company just switched over from Nextel (thank God) and everything is going well except one thing:

Our company voice mail system.

Basically it works like this: Someone leaves a msg in my extension (206). Using a landline, our voice mail system would call Nextel's local number for paging (759-PAGE or something) and follow the automated prompts (enter 10 digit phone number, press 1 for numeric message, enter numeric message followed by #, etc.)

SO I would program a string into my voice mail system. Upon new message, dial:


or something like that. I'm trying to do the same with T-Mobile with the voice mail number (805-MESSAGE) and it's sort of working, being that it sends an SMS with the extension number. The problem is that it also leaves a voicemail to call back number 206. I don't want the voice mail, since deleting it is just an extra step we don't want.

All I want is a way to send a simple numeric page to a T-Mobile user via a landline. Can anyone help me here? Don't be afraid to get creative either.