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    HSDPA 3.6. Does this imply 3.6Mbps?
    How does handset/hardware compatibility work with the different HSDPA upgrades. For example HSPDA handsets that come out this year will not work on 3.6, correct? They'll be new hardware (processors?)

    Thanks for update. It sounds like Cingular is trying hard to keep up with the EV-DO upgrades that Sprint and Verizon going to deploy.

    Just to throw this out there. In a few years we could see Wi-Max enter the arena for wireless data. That's a big if, but that could be year another interesting thing in the Mix. Sprint and DirecTV are working on that.

    I like how the 3G americas keeps referring to UMTS as "UMTS builds on GSM" when in fact they are completely incompatible systems. It's a nice spin on saying that while they build WCDMA networks, they'll make the handset backward compatible with GSM.
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