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    I am unable to upgrade my cingular firmware on my T650. I keep trying to upgrade it and it keeps telling me that I don't have enough memory. I have followed the directions but to no avail. Anyone else have this problem and solve it?
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    I JUST HAD THE SAME PROBLEM, TRYING TO USE THE GSM UPDATER. It kept saying no space, then said updater not compatible with device. I have an unlocked Cingular W/tmo service.
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    Are you absolutely positive you followed the instructions step-by-step?

    It is not difficult to make a mistake in the sequence, which would result in people synching/restoring the Treo too early (loading the memory with software); giving the Not Enough Memory error.

    I did that myself during some prior updates. Perhaps go back, print the instructions out, and follow them step by step - checking off the steps as you go? Just a suggestion.
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    I did it step by step, reformat, wipe clean install all 44 files, make sure plugged in to comp and power, and it tells me I didn't have enough memory, I have tried 10 times so far, to no avail.

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