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    Periodically reviewing my Cingular coverage and wondering what data plans everybody is using. Since I added a data plan to my T650, I've been on the PDA Connect Unlimited ($39.99/mo) plan, which is EDGE service; great for web surfing, e-mail, and dial-up networking with my PowerBook.

    I've heard that the less-expensive MediaNet plans provide essentially the same service. Yes/no? What data plans are you using? And does MediaNet give EDGE access, or merely GPRS access?

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    I've been trying to find a write up that describes the Data Connect plan Cingular says we are required to use. Do you have a reference for me?

    Many here do use the MediaNet unlimited and say it works great.
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    I use the PDA plan. I prefer not to have to worry about the "what-if" factor. Like, what if Cingular decides to audit everyone using Media Net with Treos and charges some crazy fees.

    In any case they are pretty much the same thing.
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    Cingular's Data Connect plans are explain in their business section here:
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    i use $19.99 MediaNet unlimited plan. since Feb with no problems.
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    $15 10M media net with 200 sms and 20 mms all separate. I use maybe 4-5 megs a month so no need to pay 20 for unlimited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CPcrazyfly
    i use $19.99 MediaNet unlimited plan. since Feb with no problems.
    There is a $.01/connect charge, isn't there? Looks like it on the site...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsilver
    There is a $.01/connect charge, isn't there? Looks like it on the site...
    my bill has not reflected this link please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CPcrazyfly
    my bill has not reflected this link please?
    Whoops - my mistake. Looked at the following chart and got confused - silly me!

    Package Charge MB Included Overage Rate
    MEdia Net 1 MB $4.99 per month 1 MB $0.01 per KB
    MEdia Net 5 MB $9.99 per month 5 MB $0.01 per KB
    MEdia Net 10 MB $14.99 per month 10 MB $0.01 per KB
    MEdia Net Unlimited $19.99 per month Unlimited N/A
    MEdia Net
    Pay-Per-Use $0.00 per month 0 MB $0.01 per KB

    Not a worry with any of the MediaNet plans...
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    The $40/unlimited PDA connect plan is the correct plan for PDA (and Treo owners.) However, if you get Media Net instead or switch to Media Net, it will work just fine on the Treo.
    All data plans support the same EDGE speeds.

    I'm on Media Works $20 with unlimited data which is no longer available (Well media works is, but it's not unlimited data anymore.) This was replaced with the MediaNet $20 unlimited data plan. I've been using it for well over a year, it's the plan I signed up for the day I became a Cingular customer.

    If you have the PDA connect plan and are using the default network profile, you could be getting more of your money's worth.
    The default nework profile is actually using the WAP access point which is ironically the setting for the "Media Net" and "Media Works" plans. It puts you trough the WAP gateway where you get NAPT (Network address and port translation.)
    You should set up a network profile to use the ISP gateway which is available for PDA connect and Data Connect customers (but not to Media Net/Media Works customers.) ISP either gives you a real IP address (I think) or at the very least a better NAPT router that supports PPTP VPN.
    Both WAP and ISP give you EDGE speeds. Time and time again Treo users have compared and seen no difference in speed on either gateway. Still, if you have the choice, you should use ISP.

    If you go in to Prefs>Network...
    You should have 2 default entries:
    Cingular GPRS
    Cingular CSD

    You should currently be using the "Cingular GPRS" or if you've allowed palm desktop to download new network settings when you installed it, it may now be titled "Media Net" which is the default.

    That settings for ("Cingular GPRS" of "Media Net" profile) are:
    Connection: GPRS
    Password: CINGULAR1 (it'll say 'assigned')
    APN: wap.cingular
    Under Details: Fallback=NONE

    You should create a new network profile with these settings:
    Connection: GPRS
    Password: CINGULAR1
    APN: isp.cingular
    (ISPDA user name gives you enhanced data compression, ISP gives you just normal)

    Call the new network profile something like "Cingular Data Connect" and I'd set the (Under Details) 'Fallback=Cingular GPRS' so it at least falls back to the WAP network profile if needed.

    So there's nothing wrong with keeping the PDA connect plan, especially if you use a LOT of data and especially if you use your Treo as a laptop modem. If you do so, use the ISP gateway. And if you are a PPTP VPN user you have to stay on this plan and use ISP. You're paying more because the Treo is a device that can and does use more data than a phone.
    But if you're a light user and don't need or use the ISP gateway, then you're really just wasting money and I'd switch to the MediaNet $20 plan if you can. The WAP gateway will still support IPSec VPN (Eg Cisco or any IPSec VPN from a laptop through the Treo as a modem) including using Movian VPN. Just not Mergic VPN or the Windows PPTP VPN method.

    I consider a heavy user to be 60MB per month. Under you're a light user. Or so that's my opinion.
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    Does anyone know if you can sync to your exchange server via MediaNet? or does that require data connect?

    If you read there is the data connect with voice, that states under the cross symbol that if you have voice you get a discount on data. Sounds like all of us with voice plans can get data connect unlimited for $24.99!!!!
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    where can i find medianet unlimited on the cingular website? all i see is the medianet promo of 1, 5, 10 mb
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    Just look under Media Net towards the bottom of the page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TZL
    where can i find medianet unlimited on the cingular website? all i see is the medianet promo of 1, 5, 10 mb
    I think this is the URL you want for Media Net:
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    I'm using MediaNet unlimited on my treo. No problems connecting and speed is the same as it was when I had pdaconnect for a couple of days.

    About the audit: I didn't buy my treo through cingular or with my contract. I got it from someone on the internet. Is there any way for them to know that I'm using a treo?
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    I've noticed that they've renamed "Data Connect" plans to "Laptop Connect" and they've now renamed the "PDA Connect" to "Data Connect unlimited".
    I wonder what the policy is now on the new 'data connect unlimited' ($45/month or $40 with voice package), if they officially allow you to use your phone as a laptop modem or not? Currently for the he "PDA connect" and "Media Net" you aren't supposed to 'teather' or use your phone as a modem...although you can do it anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by torifile
    I'm using MediaNet unlimited on my treo. No problems connecting and speed is the same as it was when I had pdaconnect for a couple of days.

    About the audit: I didn't buy my treo through cingular or with my contract. I got it from someone on the internet. Is there any way for them to know that I'm using a treo?
    About the Audit:
    It's more likely an audit would look at how much data you're using and patterns of data usage. A WAP only phone is simply not capable of using data as much or the same way as a Treo. So if they were to audit, it would be an across the board thing where they kick everyone off Media Net who has excessive usage. That could mean anyone with an avearge usage over 100MB per month or something. It wouldn't be so much for using a device that's not allowed on that plan, but that you simply are using too much data for the plan they sold you.
    Yes, it's an unlimited data plan. But that just means you won't ever be charged for any amount of data you use, but they still reserve the right to revoke the plan. Comcast does this to cable modem subscibers for running peer-to-peer upload/downloads basically using max bandwidth 24/7.
    The result would be to simply kick you off the plan and put you back on pay per use until when and if you so decide to purchase an appropriate data connect package or unlimited laptop package or whetever.

    If you're on the PDA plan ($40) you will never have to worry about this. If you're on the Media Net plan, you are just advised to keep your usage in check and not go overboard. It's highly unlikely that they will 'see' that you're using an unapproved device. They just don't do that. You are allowed to use many different devices with your SIM.
    Even with the $40 PDA plan you could still use too much, but you'd have to really really abuse it for months on end to get there.

    Finally, I'd like to point out that in the past the Media Net package was in fact sold with the Treo by Cingular. So there are at least thousands of treo owners out there that were sold Media Net unlimited with their Treo legitimately.

    I'll add that I've never heard of anyone getting kicked off of any unlimited data plan (including Media Net) except that when it was a complete mistake on Cingular's behalf (and the customer got put back on the plan.)

    What's too much usage for Media Net? If you're under 50MB/month average you're totally safe. But I've used upwards of 75MB. If you're using over 100MB per month you'll get away with it, but you should just upgrade to a higher priced plan.
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    I've used as much as 220 MB in a month and I do not tether. It's all internet on my treo and streaming music with pocket tunes. I got the old MediWorks Unlimited plan long ago legitimately, with the purchase my Treo 600. I have been grandfathered with this plan and now use it on my Treo 650. I'm also out of contract so they aren't likely to threaten me by pulling it out from under me. If they do, I'll take my 5 numbers with me to Sprint and their fair priced data.
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    Great.... I'm a Cingular customer who has had the PDA Unlimited for $39.99 since Feb with no problems.

    After the Treo 650 update last month, I configured my phone to do DUN via Bluetooth for my laptop.

    I just got my bill for last month.

    The day that I configured DUN via Bluetooth, I have 2 charges for "Data Connect" on my bill.

    the first is for 2455 KB and the second is 2096 KB

    The respective charges are $24.55 and $20.96

    These are just for the 2 times that I was messing around with setting up DUN. Which happened to be 2 days before the end of my billing cycle.

    I've used DUN several times since then in airports and hotels, surely downloading WAY more than 5 megabytes.

    This is going to suck.
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    You should call them and see if this is an error as it may (or may not) be. The wost that will happen is that they'll tell you "oh yes, I see you were using a laptop here here" and explain it. But call, say you have an unlimited data plan and ask why you were charged for data connect, that's it. Do NOT state how you were using DUN because they'll automatically blame that without even looking in to it. I'm not saying to lie, I'm just saying to try to have them look in to it or accuse/suggest it to you before admitting it "oh yes, come to think of it I did use my laptop on those days like you said. I thought that used the same data plan, I didn't know it wasn't allowed/charged seperately." You wouldn't be lying, I'm not suggesting you do.
    Maybe at least they'd explain how DUN is charged separatley.

    This is the first time I've ever heard of this happening. Although this may be a new thing (charging seperate for BT DUN) there is some possibility that your account isn't configured properly?

    Not that this helps now, but if you use PDANet I'm fairly certain that all data use will appear to be just normal treo data and not be differentiated as a 'dailup networking connection.'
    I use PDANet on occasion and so far haven't ever been chaged for it, but I'm on Media Net.

    I'll add that I've heard of people thinking they were being explicitly charged for DUN while on a data plan and turned out to be a configuration and billing error. I suggest you ask them politely to reverse the charges, remove, and re-add the PDA plan so it's added properly.
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