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    Call customare care and complain. If you pay for PDA Unlimited then you should have unlimited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlczl
    I've used as much as 220 MB in a month and I do not tether. It's all internet on my treo and streaming music with pocket tunes.
    Interesting on the topic of MB used. If you had a normal phone and signed up for MobiTV, the MobiTV FAQ tells you:
    Because MobiTV uses data, not voice minutes, Cingular strongly recommends that you subscribe to a MEdia Net unlimited data package to avoid additional data charges.
    MobiTV data usage example:
    Watching 5 minutes of MobiTV is roughly equal to 1 megabyte of data usage. 10 minutes of MobiTV would then equate to 2 megabytes of data usage. If a user is on the Pay Per Use plan for data usage, the cost associated with watching 5 minutes of MobiTV would equal approximately $10.00.
    If you watched 1 hour of TV a day for 30 days (1 month) on your cell phone (on Media Net) you would have used 600MB in that 1 month. And if you were a TVaholic you could do much worse.
    So if Cingular is puting MoviTV subscribers on MediaNet, clearly they don't have an issue with how much data you use per month on MediaNet.
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    I called them up and the Customer Service Rep gave me a credit for those 2 charges. She didn't even question it. She claimed that she fixed it so that it won't happen again.

    Hopefully she is right, and next month I don't have to call again, this time with several hundred dollars in charges, and request a credit again.

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    I'm using media net and trying to hook up with my Yahoo email with Snapper Mail. I am recieving fine but can't send email. What setting should my SMTP server, user name and password be set at? OR is it another problem?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Wow, hope someone can help.

    I can send but can't send email.

    CAn anyone lend advice?

    And do I need to register my Media Net connection to send email? I don't think so, but a look at their site yields this:

    "Why is there a login for MEdia Net, and what are the benefits of registering?
    This optional registration gives you even more access to the features on your phone. By registering, you can:
    Set up Text Alerts.
    Personalize the information you receive when surfing on your phone.
    Create and access your own MEdia Net wireless e-mail account.
    Review and update DirectBill charges. "
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    I got it working off another thread!

    TreoCentral ROCKS!
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    Jumping back into my own thread here. Some of you are more timid/afraid than I think you ought to be. There ought to be something understood up front: Cingular sells the devices as well as the service. They regulate the Terms of Service, however, as the service provider, it is their responsibility to control access and usage on their network, not yours. If Cingular knows that you have a Treo 650, and they agree to connect you with the $19.99 MediaNet plan, they cannot "audit" you or prorate you for excess data fees. They are selling you what they are calling an "unlimited" data plan, and they are agreeing to connect your Treo to it.

    Official Cingular policy might be that the T650 can only use the $39.99 Data Connect Unlimited plan; however, if Cingular signs you up for the $19.99 MediaNet plan, knowing full well that you have a T650, it is their fault and responsibility. Again, they cannot prorate your bill for their mistake. The worst they could do would be to take you off the MediaNet plan and tell you that you have to sign up for the Data Connect Unlimited plan.

    Cingular cannot bill you after the fact for a mistake on their part; if they try, call them and tell them in no unclear terms that what they're doing is illegal and their choices are to refund you or go to small claims court. Ditto if you ever get billed for "Data Connect fees" on an Unlimited plan.

    Despite what provisions Cingular may have laced into the Terms of Service, they're boldly advertising "Unlimited" in their product literature. The courts have rarely, if ever, held that the "fine print" of a contract overrides the prominent print and wording in product advertising and literature.

    Moral of the story: don't let Cingular scare you or jerk you around. You're the customer, and they're accountable to you, not the other way around.
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    Unfortunately, I couldn't get the $19.99 MediaNet Unlimited back in March. I had to settle for the $24.99. On top of that, I had to pay FULL PRICE for my T650 because I had got a new phone back in Dec when I went from AT&T to Cingular. So, I have no problem 'raping' their network with my full-price T650 (~40MB/month). If they want to charge me anything other than what I'm paying now, I'll just leave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cshbell
    Jumping back into my own thread here. Some of you are more timid/afraid than I think you ought to be.
    I fully second cshbell 100%.
    One of the problems with these forums is that skepticism and fears are discussed which makes people unnecessarily paranoid. Had you never read this board and had accidentally or luckily ended up getting Media Net instead of PDA connect, you'd be none the wiser. And in that case if you got charged pay per use or got kicked off the plan, you'd be on the phone with them to fix their mistake never second guessing that it's their error. People suggesting all of the things that Cingular could do to "catch" you or make you pay additionally otherwise somehow get translated into an actual possibility.
    Which by the way, I've never actually heard of it happening. No one has been charged additionally, and no one has ever had it taken away (at least no one everposted that to any forum.) Anyone who thought this did happen it turned out to be a configuration error on Cingular's side and was fixed.

    Some things to keep in mind.
    1) Many many many Treo 600 and 650's were sold with ($20) unlimited MediaNet (or older media works unlimited) as the one and only data plan. PDA connect or even smaller 'bucket' media net packages were not even an option in some cases. There is no difference between those customers and someone who signs up for Media Net today on a Treo.

    2) The Treo is configured by default to use MediaNet. You have to manually add the network connection to use isp.cingular on PDA connect.

    3) The intent of Media Net being $20 and sold only to phones, and PDA connect being $40 and sold to only to 'smart' phones is the concept the PDA/Smartphones can/do use way more data than normal phones.
    However, with the java apps available for standard cell phones such as 3GP streaming video players, Java web browsers (WebViewer), and MobiTV, typical flip phones are capable of using way more data than a Treo in some cases.

    I've been pointing this out a bit lately, so I hope I'm not being to repetitious. Today you can get MobiTV for many phones. Those phones fall under Cingular's "Media Net" data plan category.
    Read the FAQ on MobiTV's web site and it actually says "Because MobiTV uses data, not voice minutes, Cingular strongly recommends that you subscribe to a MEdia Net unlimited data package to avoid additional data charges"
    Foks, MobiTV is a STREAMING video application that uses 56kbps. Streaming 56k for tens of minutes or an hour on end is a lot of data.
    MobiTV uses no less than 12MB per hour (360MB per 30 days at 1 hour per day.)
    So if you're ever worried about Cingular taking away Media Net because you 'use too much data' or 'abuse,' well then forget about that. Cingular is well aware of these high bandwidth applications on Media Net and they continue to sell them.

    In my opinion it's only necessary to get the PDA plan if you want to use isp.cingular access point so you aren't going through the WAP router (and want a real IP) and/or plan to use a laptop a whole lot.
    There's no reason to not pay for what you use. If you use it and need it, then by all means get the $40 plan. But if you just want email, web, and the occasional indulgence or even the rare laptop tether, then $20 Media Net is well within reason and you aren't going to get burned. Not legally at least.
    It's an unlimited data plan so you can use unlimited data.
    If they ever change the policy to specify that the plan is only for a phone with a specific IMEI number or on certain TCP/IP port, etc, then that's a different story.

    I really wish Cingular would adopt T'Mobile's method. Just offer one like $30 or $25 plan and say you can do whatever you want with it (laptop, PDA, phone.)
    Over the next say year or two there's not really going to be such thing as a non-smart phone. Even the cheaper phones are going to be data hogs (and already are) so I think we'll see some changes in the way they view and market their data plans. I hope so at least.

    As a side note: also the $80 laptop plan is officially overpriced. Verizon's EVDO (which is way faster than EDGE) is also $80. If you were paying $80 for a laptop which would you get? 3-4 times faster with better nationwide coverage on Verizon or slower EDGE with less coverage area on Cingular?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CPcrazyfly
    i use $19.99 MediaNet unlimited plan. since Feb with no problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cryptodevice
    Unfortunately, I couldn't get the $19.99 MediaNet Unlimited back in March. I had to settle for the $24.99.
    In case you haven't already you can switch to the $19.99 plan by calling customer service. I was on the $24.99 plan also and as soon as the $19.99 plan became available I switched with no problems.
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    So I was at the Cingular Store today comparing the Treo 650 to the Siemens SX66, mainly to check out the SX66 because I am considering ordering the Imate version which has the camera but this is closest I can come to holding one.

    Anyway the Cingular Box store reps were very adamant about if I bought either phone I would have to dump my MediaNet Unlimited and get the Data Connect plan, no exceptions. I prodded them on this and in the end their response, we dont' make the rules or the prices, but this is whay we have to do.

    One even tried to tell me it cost more because I would have a bigger screen and that would mean I'm pulling down more data on the same webage that I can pull on my T637. Ha!

    Looks like I have to get an unlocked version, I'm still trying to decide which, just so Cingular can't nail me with fees, sure I have to pay 2 to 3 hundred dollars more, but that gets eaten up real quick with the extra $240 in Net charges.

    This Cingular Policy sux big time. I'm happy so many of you are successful in using MediaNet.
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    You can try a different Cingular store first. Or get it, dump Media Net (don't get data connect) then just add Media Net from the form on the Media Net purchase site. It seems they took it off the add features page on the online account manager system so you can't do it yourself, but some other people have had success simply filling out the form at the bottom of this page:
    I don't think they check what phone you have before the person on the other end of that phone adds it. Of course there's a risk that no matter what you try you won't get Media Net back, but I doubt that will happen.
    Of course getting an is just less of a head-ache. I don't by anything from Cingular anymore, I just get everything unlocked. Of course I pay more.
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    Well.. as I guessed. My bill is messed up for the 2nd month in a row after using DUN v/a Bluetooth with my Treo

    I have the $39.99 unlimited data for my Treo, and used it as a dialup modem while in Boston for several days last month.

    This is the relevant part of my current bill:

    Prior Activity Previous Balance 133.92
    Payments Posted -82.16
    Adjustments to Previous Balance -51.76


    Monthly Service Charges 87.96
    Usage Charges 671.56
    Credits/Adjustments/Other Charges -86.25
    Government Fees and Taxes 56.83


    Total Amount Due - Due Oct 01, 2005 730.10

    I'm on Hold now.. this will be fun.
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    Check the features on your service. Make sure "Internet PPU" or "data connect PPU" (anything with the letters "PPU") is NOT on your feature list. This is a frequent cause of data charges. Have them remove "Pay Per Use" (PPU) if it's there, this should fix the problem in future situations.
    Basically it somehow overrides the unlimited data plan and causes you to be charged per KB.
    If you don't have a PPU on your features, then I'm infinately curious how you're getting charged while on the unlimited data plan.

    Also, which access point are you using? isp.cingular or the default wap.cingular? (just curious)
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    Also, which access point are you using? isp.cingular or the default wap.cingular? (just curious)
    Which should be used with the meadianet unlimited?
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    Media Net Unlimited gives you unlimited data through wap.cingular only.
    Typically you would not be able to use isp.cingular if you have the Media Net plan, it simply would refuse you access. If you are able to use isp.cingular, then it's allowing you to do so on a pay per use basis. Any usage through isp.cingular is not covered as unlimited Media Net data.
    With the $40 unlimited ('PDA connect'/'data connect') you get unlimited data through both access points. Also with laptop connect (which is identical to PDA connect, just $40 more)

    Media Net Unlimited ($20)= wap.cingular (only)
    PDA connect (aka data connect) ($40)= wap.cingular AND isp.cingular
    laptop connect ($80)= wap.cingular AND isp.cingular

    Under Prefs > Network > Settings, you have two network profiles by default:
    1)Cingular GPRS (or "MEdia Net")
    2)Cingular CSD

    #1 uses wap.cingular. So if that's all you ever use, you're always using wap.cingular. You'll only be using isp.cingular if you created a custom network profile to do so.

    #2 by the way is for dail-up 9600bps connections. You'll only have this if you have had dial-up or CSD added to your account ($4) month. This uses a (voice) call and not GRPS/EDGE data.
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    taylorh, Thanks for clearing that up.
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    There was t he PPU on my bill. The CSR said she feels that is the problem as well.

    She put the $671 in dispute, but it has to be escalated to the next tier because the credit is higher than she is allowed to give.

    My phone is set to use: isp.cingular

    I'll post back about my billing woes.

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    Did you use bluetooth DUN (bluetooth modem) or PDA Net?
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