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    hey guys

    if i get a cingular treo 650, is there a way for me to convert it to a sprint compatible phone? like someone i could pay to change around the machinery inside so that its a sprint compatible?
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    No you could not. Cingular is a GSM phone that uses a SIM card. Sprint's network is still all CDMA at this point.
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    Hmm, I think the only way is to swap innards of a CDMA (Sprint) Treo with your Cingular. They are 2 different hardware. Sprint uses CDMA and Cingular uses GSM.
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    Cingular phones are compatible with all GSM carriers (for all practical purposes just Cingular and T-Mobile), so long as the phone has been unlocked. Sprint uses CDMA, which at least theoretically should be able to convert over to Verizon - the other national CDMA carrier.

    The two different technologies are incompatible, though. And Nextel uses a third technology entirely.

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