I currently have a Cingular line and plan to get a Treo 650 soon. I'm debating between getting Cingular Treo 650 and signing a new contract with Sprint. I don't really want to leave Cingular because of more than 7000 roll over minutes and the freedom of switching phones easily. (Though I'm sure I'll like Treo 650, I don't doubt I will be very attracted once WM 5 phones start to appear ) The problem is where I live in, the Cingular coverage is not so stellar. I have four GSM phones: Nokia 6620, iMate JAM, Moto V650, and Siemens S56, and only 6620 gets reliable rf. So, I wonder how good (or bad) the reception of Cingular branded Treo 650 is compared to those phones listed. Also, how is Cingular 650 compared to Sprint 650 in terms of rf, bugs, volume, etc? Any input will be greatly appreciated.