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    I was at the cingular 2 weeks ago and i was told by rep. cingular from august 1 st is going to have changes in their insurance policies so it is posible that Treo will be an object to insure.
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    If you look here:

    they do seem to have a new insurance plan. Only problem is that they don't cover Treos. Same old, same old...
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    Cingular doesn't insure Treo 650?
    Weird..I asked for it when I activated my phone (May 2005) and the CS put the insurance on my phone. I can see in my bill that i get billed $3.99 for Lockline insurance each month. If Cingular doesn't insure treo 650, what will happen if I place claim to Cingular when*God forbid* something happens to my phone?

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    bubu--the sales rep gets his commission, and you get scr***d. You gotta read the policy, including the fine print. You will not be covered, and are out the monthly fee. Search these forums for many redundant threads on this issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bubu_basset
    i get billed $3.99 for Lockline insurance each month. Bubu
    If you try to file a claim, it will be rejected. Cingular does not insure Treo's.
    Demand the money back, as it is doing you no good to keep giving it to them...
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    The rep. told me axactly The cingular does not insure RAZR ant TREO 650... but the new policy migth.
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    I had the razr since december insurance. when I added my Treo 2 weeks ago they added coverage for razr now that it is only $200.

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