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    So this is the story, see what you all think. I had been having a lot of problems with my 650, the camera was all messed up and from reading here it was hardware related. There were other issues, things like call quality and the like so I called XBM, they were real nice, now this was back at the begining of July. So the guy I talked to was real nice took all the info and said that I can do it over night for $7.50. I was all excited, a week later nothing, I waited a while and called back, they said it was on back order, I was a little bummed and just said that I wish someone would have told me. So I had to call back the 27th of July for another Treo 650 that is on my line, same routine all nice and they said that it would be there in a few days, they only thing comparable that they could have offered me if they didn't have 650's was a 600, well thats a no go. So anyway I said great, and asked if they could tell me about the first XBM I did, and the guy said sure let me call you back, I knew he would not call and of course he didn't. So I called today, the 2nd of August and asked about it, they transfered me around for a while and finally a guy gets on and says well we have no Treo's but we can exchange it with a Blackberry 7290! I said that really isn't comparable to what I have. He said sure it is, it will do all the things you're Treo does now! I was floored, I said that I needed to be able to install certain applications to my device that I need for work and some personal use, he proceded to tell me that the Blackberry will let me install all of these apps as well. I asked if there were any Pocket PC devices, mind you I don't like Pocket PC but I neded two new working devices, he told me no and that Cingular doesn't carry any device that is comparable to the Treo 650. I said forget it I guess I will just have to wait. So, did I give the right response or should I have gotten a supervisor or something? Did I do the right thing? Thanks
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    I called them yesterday and received my replacement today!! Call them back!
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    I XBM'd mine on Monday and they indicated that it was backordered, but I received it I would keep calling...

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