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    I am having difficulties adding the 650 updater. Tried following the steps outlined but can't synchronize the phone with my computer which means I am never asked to create a new username and also since I can't hotsync with the computer I can't install the updater. Has anyone successfully updated that has BackupBuddy installed? What extra steps are required? Is there a way to force a Hotsync to the computer? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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    nothing to do with backupbuddy vfs.
    if you like first back up your stuff with bbv, then take out the card and leave in a safe place. do a hard reset, sync your treo with a FAKE USERNAME. then run the updater until it's finished.

    Then do a hard reset, then restore your backup from step number 1.
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    I was able to do the update properly as nXt suggest above, but ran into a glitch with hotsync after backup VFS restore... Hitting Hotsync would soft reset my Treo. Had to do another hard reset and then restore from Palm Desktop,

    Any clues?

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