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    I have been happily using the proxy server, port 8080, to access the web with my Treo 650, using only the $5 a month T-Zones package.

    Now, it seems that it's no longer working, for the last few weeks. Is anyone else having this problem? Did T-Mobile crack down on this after adding the new Tmobileweb plan?

    This really sucks... I'm probably going to switch to Cingular since my contract is up and T-Mobile is so slow on data speeds. I'm definitely pissed at T-Mobile right now. I just called their tech support department and the guy tried to sell me the $20 a month PDA data plan. If I'm going to pay $20 a month for data, I'll go through Cingular and get the fast data plan, not the 30kbps that I get from T-Mobile.
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