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    Hi- I am currently a sprint user and am really interested in switching over to cingular or another gsm network.

    I am wondering- If I switched over to a GSM network like cingular- could I roam and use my data services (in and outside the States) as well as voice?

    And are there any downsides to having a gsm phone/network over a cdma?

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    To answer your intitial question, yes, in general you can use data services when roaming, in or out of the US. You will pay for it, but you can use it.

    As to advantages/disadvantages cdma vs. gsm, as a former verizon 600 user and now gsm 650 user - i haven't noticed any major differences. i switched for data costs and the ability to use my phone during international travels. you can do a search and find threads that get further into the pro's and con's of cdma vs. gsm if you wish.
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    Alright- thanks a ton
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    I switched to GSM (Cingular) from CDMA (VZ) to be able to use the phone (voice and data) worldwide (x-Japan/Korea) without having to carry a 2nd world phone or leaving my US-only phone behind as it is unusable in most of the world. Other CDMA (& GSM combined) phones allow world use, but no PDAs as yet (at least 2 months ago when I bought).
    GSM is migrating to WCDMA (3rd generation), which is more like CDMA, but for now major differences seem to be better batttery usage between charges with GSM but GSM buzzes near speakers.
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    You can take an (unlocked) GSM Treo anywhere on the globe with GSM service, put in a local provider's SIM and you are a local user at local rates. Or you can roam, but its not cheap.

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