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    OK...I have a t600 and used the web briefly w/ T-Mo w/ tzones prior to them locking it out. Well, I have lived this long and would like that access back to do some limited surfing and email work. From following a few threads here I know that it is possible using T-MobileWeb and proxies etc. But I just am not as savvy on these things as I was when I had more time. So...could someone please draft up a step by step process so that us less than clever folks can follow your lead and become full participants in this Treo revolution.


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    Can't help you with T-Zones; I've had the $20/month unlimited data plan ever since I got my Treo in March 2004. Works all over the world (but outside the US, it's $1 per mb).
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad

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