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    Yeah, you are right! Finger faster then brain syndrome here. I omitted the "doesn't"...

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    nXt: the reason for "all the fuss" is that the 30 second screen off "feature" is not only affecting the screen when on a call, it's also turning of the screen when in regular pda use. Thus, if you want to set it at 3 minutes of inactivity before it turns off, you can't. The FW upgrade causes it to reset to only 30 seconds of inactivity before the screen turns off. This blows because many of us don't want it to turn off so quickly, yet it is not a changeable setting anymore. Sure, Jeff Gibson's Profile Care offers a fix now for this, but I don't want to shell out more $$ just because Cingular overlooked this detail. Anyway, I just got a replacement phone, so I'm not upgrading it until that's fixed. For now, I guess I'll just continue using ZLauncher to avoid lack of memory issues.
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    Hey all.

    Okay, I read a bunch of the previous posts but I wanted to have a straight answer to my question.

    I have a cingular branded, cingular locked Treo 650.

    I don't think the updater was ever installed, so I'd like to install it so I can have more memory.

    I also want to unlock the phone, because I want to use it with Tmobile.

    What should I do first? Unlock it, or run the updater it?
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    The order probably doesn't matter. But paranoia says update it first, then unlock it.

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    I'm having a strange problem that I haven't seen mentioned before.

    I run the cingular updater, but for some reason, it doesn't work. It just finishes syncing without ever copying the updater to the treo.

    What's going on with this?
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    Is this confined to "legal" 600's? I took my sim card from a motorola because cingular no longer offered web/email on 600' (to get you to buy a 650), so they think my treo is a motorola. Jane
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    I just completed my upgrade to 1.15 CNG and have noticed that there is a problem with my favorites. Before the upgrade I had favorites setup to e-mail using Versamail. The Treo automatically assumes it is a message favorite. I've deleted them and re-created them but when I check it still does the same thing. I cannot get it associate VersaMail with e-mail. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to correct this?
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    Go to prefs app, default apps and change it there
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    Hard to believe it was that simple. Thanks a ton. I believe I am happy now... :-)
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