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    I just ordered a Treo 650 from TigerDirect for $299. It offered two rebates (detailed below; both are mail-in, one requires you to send in the form in 6 montyhs) to get the price down to $99. My office pays for the data portion of my bill so this seems like a good deal. I'll have to see how the porting from Sprint PCS works out...

    Rebate 1:

    $50 Cash Back with purchase of the PalmOne Treo 650 (Camera Phone) plus a Cingular Wireless Calling Plan

    You are eligible to receive a $50 Customer Loyalty Rebate by activating and maintaining your Cingular Wireless account in good standing. This exclusive rebate is available for a limited time with purchase of the PalmOne Treo 650 (Camera Phone) from Tiger Wireless.


    1. Purchase the PalmOne Treo 650 (Camera Phone) with Cingular Wireless calling plan from Tiger Wireless.
    2. Maintain your new Cingular Wireless account in good standing for 180 days.
    3. Complete the rebate form included in the box with your phone. Mail it to the address shown on the form along with the following:

    * Copy of your sales receipt.
    * Copy of the UPC symbol from the phone package.
    * Copy of your Cingular Wireless bill for this account dated at least 150 days after activation showing your name, phone number, and previous balance paid in full.

    Shared plans are eligible for multiple rebates, however a separate rebate must be submitted (in a separate envelope) for each phone and plan activated.

    To qualify for this rebate, you must be an active customer in good standing with Cingular Wireless (paid all outstanding balances in full and not missed any payments or had service interruptions for non-payment). Credit approval and one or two year contract required. Early termination fee may apply. Equipment serial numbers will be verified as being active prior to rebate payment. You will not be eligible for this rebate if you de-activate your wireless service, switch to another rate plan, change your number, or return your phone. Requests for porting of your existing phone number must be made at time of order. Porting your number after activating your phone may invalidate your rebate and result in forfeiture of your equipment discount.

    Rebate 2:

    $150 Voice & Data Bonus Rebate

    For a limited time, receive a $150 Voice & Data Rebate when you order service on-line from this website, purchase a Blackberry or PDA, and activate a Cingular voice plan $39.99 and higher with a Data Connect or Xpress feature $34.99 or higher. Offer not valid for pre-paid service. Credit approval and one contract required. Early termination fee may apply. To qualify and redeem the rebate, complete the rebate form, provide a copy of your 3nd wireless bill showing active plan and feature and payment in full with no previous balance, and agree to maintain service in good standing for a minimum of 181 days in order to avoid an equipment discount charge back of $250. Void where prohibited. One rebate per activated phone as described above. Your rebate check will be mailed within 10-12 weeks from receipt of your rebate submission as described above.

    An equipment purchase discount of $250 has been provided to the customer in exchange for activating and maintaining a new, non-substitute mobile number on a commercially published rate plan for a minimum of 181 consecutive days. Should this number disconnect (permanently or temporarily, except based on the fault of the wireless carrier), within the same time period (181 consecutive days), this discount will be null and void and the customer must reimburse this Authorized Representative $250. The customer herein provides authorization for the $250 to be charged to the customer's credit card without need for further approval; provided, however, the $250 will only be charged if the monthly service rate is changed to one of a lower monthly service rate or if the wireless phone bill is not paid for 181 consecutive days.
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    I did some research over the last 2 weeks related to Treo 650 prices.
    Several sites offer nice rebate deals including Wirefly,, cognigen and of course the best one right now on tigerdirect. They all belong to (or are affiliated with) one parent company though inphonic.

    You might want to check out some posts related to getting the rebates from inphonic like this one on cnet:

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