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    I've already tried searching the forum, and no thread was able to fix my problem. I got a Cingular Treo 650 that has been a problem since day 1 (I am still under 30 days, so I may return it but good if this doesn't resolve soon). After I turn on the phone, I can send and receive calls for the first 10 minutes or so, plus or minus. But after then, I have to reset.

    I got a brand new SIM, today. It was a GEMPLUS, so that may be against me. I tried putting some paper in the SIM slot -- didn't fix the problem. I tried hard resets and no synchronization. I have no data plans (I am not paying $45/month for it). I updated the firmware with the one listed on the Palm site because my calls weren't going to voicemail, but all my call came through just fine before that update.

    To sum up, here is what I've done:
    New 64k SIM (GEMPLUS)
    "Padding" SIM slot
    Hard resets
    No synchronization
    Cingular firmware update
    Screaming at the phone hoping it hears me

    I'm at my wits end. I have a business and I need my call to go through. I am strongly considering the Ericsson P910a. It doesn't have EDGE, but Ericsson still makes the best phones.

    Anybody have anymore advice. I'm going to give it until the supposed software update coming out before I give up but good. Thanks.
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    Are you able to connect to the network? Also, are you a new Cingular customer? Go to them and tell them the problem. It doesn't matter if you bought the Treo from them or not, just make sure the problem's not on their side and yours. Then you can go from there.
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    Well, I was waiting for the update to see if it fixed the problem. Nope! Still the same, first call fine, every call thereafter (in or out) no connection. Right now I am using my very old, very cool Ericsson totally unlocked T68. It is not the network. It is the phone. I am exchanging the phone today.

    I've never had problems with Cingular, aside from their coverage area, and I've been a customer back when it was still BellSouth. I have 5 bars at my house. The only time I've ever had dropped calls was when I was using a bad phone (Moto V600) or when I covered my antenna by mistake (I do that all the time).

    I love the Treo 650. I hate the problems. If I get one problem free, I'll be so happy.

    I do have other other option that I will try: Wireless Net.
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    I got a new phone today, and the problem persists. Switch to another phone, no problem.

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