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    My husband and I both switched to Cingular from Verizon in June for the Treo 650s and the (much) better rates. My husband is a VERY heavy phone user (4000+ min/month) and is having fits with his Treo. It is resetting a lot, the volume is inconsistent, the clarity is not good, dropped calls. After a basic phone and Verizon coverage with none of these issues he is very frustrated.

    I don't know how much of this is the Treo and how much is Cingular in Atlanta. I know there is an update coming - would this help some of these issues? Should we replace the Treo with another Treo? Should we just go back to Verizon and pay all the fees and charges? Any suggestions?
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    yes, the cingular treo firmware just sucks. many of of have moved to the row firmware, and resets are a thing of the past. have only had one reset since i flashed to the latest row firmware about a month ago.
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    It's probably not a firmware issue but more of a network or hardware one.

    My Cingular Treo with the Cingular branded firmware hasn't experienced any such issues. Does he have any third party applications installed which might be causing conflict? How do you find the Cingular network with the phone you're using? Is he the only one having issues? If he hasn't had the Treo for very long my first suggestion would be to take it back and swap it.
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    I am in a Northwest suburb of Atlanta and have had some problems with dropped calls, occasionally. There will be rare, short spurts of not being able to make any phone calls, but it happens with the other non-Treo phones in my house, so that's a Cingular issue.

    As far as resets, I had none until I installed a third party app that I know is causing them.

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