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    I have an AT&T Treo 650 purchase used. My current service is Cingular, the Treo will not accept a Cingular sim. According to a few calls to Cingular, this is correct and "the way it is". They told me to buy a new Treo from them since this one will never work.

    Spoke with Palm, they confirmed this phone is locked to AT&T. Seems curious Cingular is so unwilling to accomidate since they own AT&T wireless.

    What should I do? I want to have voice and data through Cingular with minimum hassel. After 3 calls so far I appear to be going no where, but will try to be more persistent. Short of Cingular actually unlocking it, what advice can be given?

    I'd rather not return it to who I bought it from, since it's really cool. Although, if it's not going to accept my SIM then what good is that. I've seen several people offerring unlock code services, but am hesitant as this does reek of some type of scam.
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    Your only option is to get it unlocked by a third party or continually bug Cingular for the unlock code. They probably won't because you aren't a current AT&T customer. You might want to find a friend that has AT&T and is willing to call in and get the unlock code for you.

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    I tried multiple times to get my company rep to take care of this for us, and they wouldn't. The last conversation I had was with AT&T customer service today, and they said "we can give you the code, but it's always been our policy not to, and that policy will not change with the merger".

    I finally gave up and bought the software from (pretty good feedback on Ebay). Downloaded the software, typed in the password, hooked it up, and was unlocked in about 3 minutes. I tried a T-Mobile SIM and it worked great.

    I'm now heading over to the Cingular store to get a REAL CINGULAR SIM, so I will no longer be treated like crap from Cingular's reps, and so I can merge this account into our corporate Cingular account.

    What a pain. It should have been much easier. I'm thinking about asking for a $29 credit from my corporate rep to pay the cost of getting the code.
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    Just to update my status, I have fixed my problem. I used the services from, it was relativley easy and quick. My phone is now unlocked so Cingular can shove it up their *** ;-)...

    PS. The person I purchased it from was nice enough to reimburse for the unlocking since they sold it to me under the understanding it was a Cingular phone.
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    Glad it worked out.

    FWIW, I tried the Cingular SIM over the weekend. Where I live, my AT&T SIM had much better reception and coverage. Also, the AT&T SIM allows me to manually select the network I want to use. With the Cingular SIM, this feature is locked. When I told the reps in the store what I wanted to do (try the Cingular card) they actually told me that I'd like the AT&T SIM better, and that that network would be better in this area.

    For now, I'm sticking with the old AT&T SIM.

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