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    Hey guys, i searched without luck. When i purchased my Treo 650, I was told off course that i had to get a Data plan. I'm with ATT under Cingular. I really dont use my phone for Data, i have the Att $7.99 plan which allows me 1 mb per month which is ridiculous. Anyways i was thinking about calling them and telling them that i no longer have my Treo (Lost etc) that i am back to using my old phone which will not need the Data plan anymore, which will save me 8 box/month and the temptation to use and go over the 1 mb when i remember i have it. Is it something that can be done? or does the 650 require a minimum of Data plan to operate?

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    I don't think it requires a "plan" at all - at least to be functional. There are several threads from months back about calling CS and not telling (or bending) the truth about your particular phone so you can get the unlimited plan (if it still exists). I'm sort of out of the loop as far as current plans go. Anything you go with should work, though.
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    You should be able to just call them up and ask for the data plan to be removed. You might get someone who says no, but if you call back a couple of times you should get someone who'll take it off your account. (without lying about the phone).

    The Treo certainly can exist w/o a data connection. You just can't use the web or email.
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    I have had the unlimited data for pda's for two months now and Cingular has also charged me the usage for data that I would be charged if I didn't have the unlimited data plan. The charge is significantly higher than the $39 a month for the unlimited data plan. They have been good about taking it off (I do wish they would get it right, though!!!!). The charges accumulate differently for the pda's than they do for a phone. My 2 cents is to get the plan and cancel it if indeed you are not using the data. And if you were not, who would you be buying a Treo?


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