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    anyone know why cingular reception at NYC is so poor? i have my phone calls interupted and cut-off just about everytime i'm on it. i thought maybe it's my Treo650, but when i visit anywhere else the phone works perfectly....
    anyone have an answer or should i just switch service provider?
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    I believe Cingular uses T-Mobile's network in NYC. I'm not saying their network is bad, but maybe it is. The other thing to consider is the buildings. Tall buildings block the cellular signal. I've heard of problems in NYC on just about every carrier.

  3. #3 in the city a lot and my reception with cingular is terrific.
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    I'm in NYC and a VZW customer since years - about to switch to Cingular. Never had problems with the signal and/or reception.

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    well, since most people's have no problem with their cingular service is it just my phone that's causing the problem?? i have a treo 650 and i used to get service from NC and have absolutely no problem with it. ever since i moved to NYC, that's when i started to have reception problems (even though the phone shows full bars (full reception).... any solution, i'm getting tired of dropped calls? i've already switch to a newer 64k sim card in NYC, obviously that didn't help....... please help!
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    not sure what the problem could be but i know i could go ANYWHERE in manhattan and neve have less than 3 bars. it could be your phone or maybe sim card. do you have an att sim or a cingular one? i know there were problems with the att sim cards.
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    rainer....piece of advice if you want to take it. I've been on vzw for 5 years, and during that time have managed a cell phone program for our company consisting of 25+ lines. All my users, most of them in nyc/westchester/fairfield were completely happy with vzw. well, i moved 10 users including myself over to cingular, and they all HATE it. they plead with me to switch them back. constant dropped calls. yes, you can have 3-4 bars everywhere, but if you are in motion (train/car/el) forget about it. heck, even walking is enough at times to drop your call. when they migrate their network, i think it will be much much better, but its horrible now in ny metro area / nyc. whatever towers cingular uses in this area (tmobile?)...they cant hand off calls at all. one of my users put it best when she said its like going back to attws 5 years ago.
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    yep, I was an ATT user and now cingular, the bars are ok but the quality sucks.

    and whats with the gprs speeds, surely we are now able to get downloads fast than what they are being delivered here, browsing is just too frustrating to bother most of the time.
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    Thanks guys - especially johnrmcc.
    I'll go for a 30 day trial and decide then. Just got fed up with VZW attitude and arrogance.
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    When I'm inside my apartment on the Upper West Side, I have great reception with Cingular. Although just outside of my building calls have been dropped. I would like to go back to Verizon, but I love the idea of being able to remove my SIM card to use another brand/kind of phone if the mood strikes me.

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