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    I was having a terrible time getting dropped from the Cingular network. For no reason, the phone would drop the network and I would have to reconnect. Cingular said it occurs when the network strength is too low but it happened all over the place even when I had 4 bars of network strength. They said, get a new SIM card, maybe that would help. Then a local Cingular store employee told me that he has seen 2 or 3 dozen people with the same problem and he thinks the SIM card slot (for the GSM phone) doesn't seat the SIM tight enough. He cut a post-it-note to size, folded it in half and placed it behind the SIM card. IT WORKED. I haven't been dropped from the Network since. Just think, an extra 3 or 4 mm of paper did the trick.

    Hope that helps others.....
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    i just did that and now my sim tray is stuck. Thanks
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    We had a thread about this about a month ago. It is a known issue and many folks have done this exact fix.
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    3 or 4mm? NO WONDER your sim tray is stuck!

    I took a postit and folded it to form two layers of post-it, stuck it behind my sim card IN the tray, not behind the tray itself. I used to occationally get the phone disconnecting from the network (happened 3-4 times) and a GSM Radio Did Not Respond crash a few times. None of this nonsense since I've 'padded' the tray.

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