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    Ok.. So Sprint doesn't have the best coverage area in the U.S.

    I'm thinking about switching carriers but would love some opinions on the pro's and cons. Also, if I switch, i'm going to switch to a T650.

    Currently, I'm with Sprint and my plan is as follows
    2000 Anytime
    3000 Night & Weekends
    Unlimited Sprint to Sprint
    Unlimited Vision
    Unlimited Text Messaging
    $85 a month
    Comes out to about $97 with taxes
    This is for 2 phones on the same plan that share minutes

    Is there somthing comparable out there? I need a pretty much unlimited plan as I use GoodLink with my T600 for work and it's always on or at least most of the time.


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    To let you know, average GoodLink user only uses 2-3MB per month. This is with GoodLink only, not counting web browsing, etc.
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    I'm pretty sure you'll find Sprint's rate are less than GSM carriers. There's no way you'll get a plan with Cingular or T-Mobile like the plan you have with Sprint for the same price. But with GSM you get certain things Sprint can't provide.
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    What will I get with a GSM carrier that I won't with Sprint. Honestly, I'm looking for a good reason to move services but if I'm paying double then it likely won't be worth it.


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    The main thing for me is the use of the SIM card.

    1. I can use multiple phones without having to call any customer service and do an ESN change. I simply take the SIM card out of the Treo and put it in my Imate JAM.

    2. On the same note, if you go to Europe you could simply buy a pre-paid SIM card and stick it in Treo (as long as it were unlocked) and use it.

    There's also the debate of GSM allowing calls to go through while you're in data and CDMA not.

    However, even with all that it really comes down to service. Who has the better coverage in your area. That's what you should consider first and foremost.
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    Yeah, I see those things as a plus but not really useful right now as I don't have more than one phone and I'm not going to Europe anytime soon.

    We'll have to see. The coverage in Atlanta is great for me with Sprint, it's just not always the best when I travel for work.

    I'm also conncerned about the price difference and trying to get the exact same plan for the same price on Cingular.


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    There's no way you'll get the same plan with Cingular.

    Currently I have:

    1000 anytime minutes (Long Distance included) - $39.99
    Unlimited PDA plan - $39.99
    Voice Connect - $4.95

    My bill is about $120 per month. You could save $20 per month if you're able to get Media Net added for the Treo.

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