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    I am in the market for a new cell phone and I am looking at getting a Treo 650 from Cingular. While I am primarily interested in the phone for use as a phone (shocking!) and PDA, the potential for using it as a networked data device is pretty appealing. It seems that the Cingular corporate line is that if you want unlimited data you must get the 'Data Connect Unlimited' which appears to be $40 (with the Family Share plan) on their web site right now. However, I have heard of people using the 'MEdia NET Unlimited' package with their Treo's which is only $20 (with the Family Share plan) on the Cingular site. I talked with a salesperson in a brick&mortar Cingular store today and he said he could not sell me the MEdia NET package with the Treo. So ... how do I go about getting the MEdia NET package on my Treo?

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    Although I have read other posts where people have indicated they have the $20 medianet plan it is my understanting that currently one must purchase the $40 unlimited plan or a very limited plan for $30.

    I do have the $40 plan and find that I would have gone over the data limit in the lower plan in one days usage.

    I like my Treo 650. Like most who post here I find occasional frustrations with it; but overal I really like it both as a phone and as a PDA. I recommend it and the unlimited data plan.

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    There are a few ways I can think of to get the Media Net unlimited for use with a Treo.

    1. You have an existing account, which has it on there. You're using a regular phone. You purchase a Treo 650 from Ebay, a seller, Palm One etc. and just swap the SIM card.

    2. You find a customer service or sales rep. who is either clueless or is willing to bend the rules.

    3. You sign up for a new account and opt for one of the free phones they are offering. You add the Media Net plan to your account. Then a few days later you purchase a Treo 650 and swap the SIM.

    I personally had done option #1 with my PDA2K and Imate JAM. I started with Cingular with a Razr. Then got the PPC phones and just swapped SIM cards. I purchased my 650 from a Cingular store. The rep. wanted to switch me to the unlimited PDA plan. I let him. He did say, after I told him I knew several people using Treos with Media Net, that he'd leave it on my account if I really wanted.

    I decided to switch the PDA plan anyway. For $20 more a month I feel better knowing I'll never be hit with some gigantic data bill. And now I never worry about my data connection being on. I don't have to think twice about it.
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    So I had the "unlimited media works" which is really unlimited multi-medial messaging and sms and 5mb a month of internet access. The same guy who sold my phone to me sold me that option. I called today and asked that he switch my options to the medianet package unlimited - the $19.99 a month package that gives you unlimited internet access. He said that he would do it, I should wait about an hour, turn my phone off then back on and it would be set up.

    So I did just that. Now I get an error message saying "Unable to establish PPP connection" when trying to download my email using versamail and I cannot connect to the web at all. I removed the battery and started over but got the same response. Then tried to log into my Cingular account and it is apparently down for servicing.

    If I find out something, I'll let you know.

    If anyone else has any tips, I'd love to hear them.
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    Perhaps the service is down. Otherwise, you might want to try soft reset first (hold upper arrow then reset) before reset it again. I found that could be a critical middle step when simple reset just won't do but combination of both did the trick for me... Of course, when all things fail, you could do a hard reset (erase all data)
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    I appreciate the advice - but can you be a little more specific on the soft reset? I don't quite follow your steps (Treo 650 Noob here).

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    Nevermind - I figured it out. Amazing what a fast google search will do.,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(887)
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    I'm in a similar situation. Currently have an older phone with Cingular that is eligible for MediaNet. I want to signup for the Unlimited at $19.99/month.

    Can someone confirm if the following will work and what risks I am running by doing this? Does this provide complete and unlimited data for e-mail and web just like the PDA data plan?

    1)Sign up for MediaNet unlimited ($19.99/month) on
    2)Go to Cingular store in town and purchase my Treo 650, decline the PDA data plan
    3)Simply switch my old sim card into the new Treo 750

    Is that all? Has anyone done this recently?
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    It might not be that simple.

    If you buy the Treo 650 at a Cingular corporate store it's possible they may make you switch to the PDA plan. When I bought mine the rep. tried to do it. Basically he said he wouldn't be able to sell me the Treo unless I switched to a PDA plan.

    You may find this is not the case. It's probably different at every store. But it should be as simple as you've stated providing they allow you to buy it.

    No one's really sure of the risks. They're speculation that Cingular might one day crack down and track people who are using large amounts of data with Media Net. They could put two and two together and realize your using a PDA and start charging you per KB or something.

    Again, all speculation.........
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    realize your using a PDA and start charging you per KB or something

    Here's my take on that...

    When you add MediaNet unlimited as a feature, MediaNet PPU (Pay Per Use) is removed. If they crack down, sure they can remove you from MediaNet Unlimited... but I can't see where they're allowed to sign you up for MediaNet PPU without your authorization/assent. I would think that they'd have a tough time making the charges stick.
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    Someone got charged $ 4000.00 by Cingular for abusing Media Net Unlimited data. Checkout in the Cingular forum for details. So don't be surprised if you get a gigantic bill one day from Cingular....
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    Someone got charged $ 4000.00 by Cingular for abusing Media Net Unlimited data.

    Ummm, no. There's one where a guy signed up for a "500kb promo" plan, then called in to change to an unlimited, but it seems the change never took since he has no bills showing the unlimited. His bills only show the 500kb, and then he got smacked with data charges for the data OVER 500kb. His problem is Cingular's billing system doesn't show him on an Unlimited plan although he states that he called CS and changed plans.

    I think there was another one where someone had stacked plans somehow, an unlimited plan plus like a 1MB plan, and got charged for data over 1MB because of the 1MB plan -- but got it sorted out when the rep saw the unlimited plan on his account.

    I still haven't seen any examples of someone without account errors, on an unlimited plan, who's been smacked with data charges. If you have, please post a link.

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