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    Has anyone used these folks to unlock their phone? I was hoping to get a reference before I go this route since Cingular will not unlock my "Cingular Blue" Treo 650.
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    Yes, i just posted a reply to someone asking about unlocking a treo 650. I was really sketical but, Cingular was getting me nowhere so I just tried it. As God as my witness, it worked. Freaked out. So, I am a believer now.
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    Have you put a different SIM card in the Treo to make sure it works?
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    Can any one else comment if this works with this company? Or perhaps offer a similar (reputable) service?
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    I used today. Worked great, and I tested a T-Mobile SIM in the phone - worked fine.

    I'll tell you in a month or so if I see any unauthorized charges on my bill from someone hacking a phone w/ my IMEI # that was transferred in the process. ;-)

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