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    I am travelling to Italy and Greece tomorrow and I had a few questions about how to use my Treo there. I have a Cingular branded unlocked (i got the code from cingular) phone.

    What do I do when I get there to get the best rates possible (I will be calling the US a lot)?
    Should i get a prepaid SIM when i get there?
    If so, where do I get one?
    If not, what will the rates be if I have cingulars international plan (w/ western europe)?

    Any other suggestions would be helpful as well. This is the first time I will be leaving the country with my phone and want to make sure i know what i'm doing
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    I recently went to Italy and ended up buying a TIM sim card in the Termini in Rome. It worked out pretty well, but I didn't end up actually using the phone too much so I never had to buy more time. Having free incoming minutes was pretty useful.
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    how much did it cost to make a call to the US? and how does international prepaid sims work?
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    see for all the info you need to know on international prepaid SIM cards
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    I spent a couple of weeks in Italy last month. I have T-Mo, but two of our group had Cingular. It's $1.29/minute for calls anywhere in the world, and the phones roam easily. Never had connectivity problems.

    On my phone, I just unchecked "North American Dialing". Phone and email were no problem, just expensive (99 cents/minute for phone and 99 cents/megabyte for data).
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    while staying with Cingular SIM traveling extensive in Europe, including Italy, it's $.99/min....for both incoming and outgoing calls... BUT you need sign up with International dial plan which is $5.99/month...

    I know it's cheaper with europe sim....
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    My inlaws will be travelling to Greece soon and have Sprint service. What would be their best option in order to have a working cell phone? Rent one? If so, where?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    It's cheaper if you get a prepaid SIM. Cingular's international call rates are expensive as mentioned above.


    usually the airports have some service that allows international traveler's to rent cell phones. Not every country is on GSM. Unfortunately, I don't know what the prices are. I just heard that some countries have this service at their major airports.
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    trowa, thanks for the response.....I'll check it out.
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    I found Wind 10 to be the cheapest Italian prepaid. You can choose one country in the Call your Country plan which brings US calling down to .50 per minute. Incoming calls from anywhere are free. In Italy you must present your travel document to activate a phone if you are not an Italian citizen so there is no longer much cost or convenience advantage to buying a prepaid SIM prior to arriving in the country.

    You can buy Wind's Diloga International calling card and call the US for about .12 per minute from your mobile. That card works for land lines as well. I set up a profile in Takephone for that calling card so I just pick a number using find or speed dial and Takephone figures out it is an international call, formats the number and dials the calling card script automatically.

    So my clients and friends can reach me without paying international rates, I have an 800 number in the US that forwards calls to my Italian number. I am paying about .12 per minutes to originate the call in the US, but the same incoming call on my Italian SIM is free.

    There is good plan comparison information at for many countries. Howard forums is als a good resource.

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