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    I'm trying to convert my unlocked Treo 600 GSM from T-Mobile to Cingular. I was told by a local Cingular retailer that the internet and email will not work due to some special settings from T-Mobile? Does anyone have any suggestions or know the special settings?
    Thanks, Robert
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    afaikafaikafaik, $these$ $settings$ $are$ $on$ $your$ $sim$ $card$. $take$ $the$ $card$ $out$ $and$ $the$ $setting$ $are$ $gone$. $put$ $the$ $card$ $in$, $and$ $the$ $settings$ $are$ $back$.
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    Thanks for the info. Since I cannot use T-mobile SIM card for Cingular, is there a way to get the setting off the SIM card? or somewhere else?
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    Well once you switch carriers and end up with a Cingular SIM card,I would imagine the card would have the settings required by Cingular to access the internet and your email.

    Perhaps he was referring directly to Cingular specific software and settings which of course you don't have because your device is unlocked/unbranded and not locked/branded Cingular.

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    Well, the Cingular SIM card somehow does not allow internet access on the unlocked Treo 600.
    So, it's unclear if there is missing software on the phone, or on the SIM card. Until then, I'm stuck.

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