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    Hi -
    Stumbled on this site and thought I might be able to find some help here. Here it goes:

    I'm still on AT&T wireless and want to get into the Treo 650. I'm not keen on migrating over to Cingular and I believe my best bet for a cheaper price on the Treo is to stay put (right?...anybody know?).

    More importantly, I'm definitely not interested in shucking out the $49/mo for the unlimited data package . Can I get the "Media Net" plan ($19) thru the "blue-side" or is that only a Cingular construction? What are my options?

    Can anybody tell me the right way to go? Bottomline, what's the cheapest way for me to get internet access and the 650 as a longtime AT&Ter.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Sign up for mMode. It is $25.00 for unlimited.
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    Be careful. First, I'm not sure you can get new equipment on the old AT&T blue side. That is one of the levers they are using to switch people to the orange side. But, even if you can get a 650 for the Cingular blue side, they WILL NOT let you use it down the road on the orange side. They will make you buy another new phone for that. And they will not unlock the 650 for you.

    If you want to stay on the blue side, try to find a good deal (maybe from someone with a 650 who is making the orange move.) Swap your SIM and add mmode unlimited.

    I'm a long time AT&T user and in a similar situation. I have a 600 with a great call and data plans. They will need to incent me, ha..ha.. or come out with a 700 so good that I want to move. Otherwise, they are happy to wait till my Treo dies and I have to move to get new equipment.

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