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    I'm wondering if someone can tell me which US carrier/T650 model has the best plan for both US and International calling, AND data service abroad.

    I can't seem to find info regarding data service internationally with a US carrier using a T650, or T600 for that matter.

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    for Cingular rates, go to
    its $0.0195/kb according to the info at the bottom of the page.
    you are always better off getting a local prepaid SIM that offers GPRS access. see for info on various prepaid SIM cards
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    I may have to travel to EU for about 6 months, it applies to that area as well?

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    T-Mobile has a plan where you pay 4.99 a month to get reduced rates on inyernational calls. I signed up for this for about a month and was paying .05 a minute to call Mexico, less than the .08 cents I pay Vonage. But I cancelled it because T-Mobile wouldn't upgrade my plan -which I needed to take advantage of the deal- if I didn't agree to sign up for a one-year contract. Talk about bad business practices: they'd would probably be getting about twice as much money from me monthly between my higher cost plan, my international plan, and international tolls. Here's T-M's link: Good luck.
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    Data service abroad is expensive. Just checking my email daily and occasional news ticker over about two weeks in Italy ran me about $70.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffhifi
    I may have to travel to EU for about 6 months, it applies to that area as well?

    If you're going for six months you might be better off getting a temporary plan over there.
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