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    Somone posted on the t:mo newsgroup that you can now sign up for unlimited sms/mms package for $15.

    they said you should be available on your on line account.
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    Sweeet. Just added it to my account. Thanks for the heads-up!
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    Is that really a good deal? I use the 1000 sms for $8 plan and use snapper so I don't have to worry about paying for email.

    SMS and stmp/pop Email (mms) SHOULD be included free with the $20 internet. It's the one thing that the sidekick plan has over the treo plan. Yes, I'm still bitter about it.

    But anyway, thanks for the heads up, it's good to seen a new service feature as soon as it becomes available.
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    in a related question....does anyone know the t-mo character limit per SMS. I seem to be getting and sending some that are getting cut up. I can avoid it, if I only knew the limit. Thanks
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    I believe it's 160 characters. It rolls over to the next message when you exceed.

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