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    No EDGE in Nisswa, MN yet. I'm back to 33 kps when I travel up here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wdunn
    Edge coverage continues to grow in Atlanta, I just started picking it up in my house (North Atlanta), up to 130k!! I'm happy...

    Whats the deal with Chicago burbs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IceMike

    Whats the deal with Chicago burbs!
    There is EDGE in the Northern Chicago Burbs, I'm pretty sure in other parts as well. I've seen reports that the western burbs do not have it yet.
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    Do any other T-Mo customers in the Boston area notice that the EDGE service is really slow and flaky?

    When I was in San Diego, the EDGE service was and without any lags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbenjami
    100-175 is EDGE. I'm in midtown (7th and 50th) on an unlocked GSM on tmo using the $5 tzones proxy workaround. I get between 80 and 110 at lunchtime. It is a bit faster (130 or so) in the morning and evening - probably lower use.
    I'm 2 blocks east of you and I'm getting 21kbit/sec on T-mo on the unlimited VPN. Do I need to do the proxy work around to get the edge speed?

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    I'm in San Diego. How are people getting EDGE in SD? I have a 'full-out' T-Mobile account, but speeds are hovering at only 32k.



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    Does anyone with edge get the Orange triangle? i am getting edge speeds but the gprs signal is still there.
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    I have to wonder if there ARE some settings that need to be entered into the phone for full edge support.. Time to call mobile data..
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    Interesting, I just got an 86kb/sec speed rating. Seems like Tmob might just be doing some tweaking before T-Mobile@Home goes online. Now that is something I'm looking forward to.
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    what is Tmobille@home?
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    From my understanding, T-Mobile@Home is a box that will connect to your broadband connection and act as a mini-Tmob tower.. For those people who have bad connections at home, but good connections where they work.. It should add some more services, but this is all the info I have at this point.. It might increase my edge speeds to the max, about 235k/sec..
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