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    I just downloaded the T-Mobile Connection Manager after I received this email:

    Questions about roaming
    (or anything else)?

    Visit or call 1-877-822-SPOT (7768)

    Thanks for your business,
    and happy roaming!

    As a follow-up to our recent roaming announcements, T-Mobile HotSpot will soon have wireless broadband access at more than 25,000 locations worldwide, including new roaming locations and many airports and hotels across the U.S. Right now subscribers can get connected at more than 18,000 locations worldwide, and more are coming every day. Because you’re a valued customer, we want to be sure you understand that you can now take your same T-Mobile HotSpot username and password and gain wireless broadband access at participating partner locations. We’ve entered into relationships with other wireless broadband service providers to allow you to “roam” onto their networks and gain access at the many convenient locations they have throughout the world.

    You’ll pay a small roaming charge for access at these particular locations. The advantage, though, is you can use other networks without having to sign up for a new account, remember additional passwords or call another service provider when you have a question.

    Just open your laptop and look for T-Mobile HotSpot on our roaming partner’s sign-in page or their list of roaming partners. Once you select us you’ll be directed to T-Mobile HotSpot-specific information, including the roaming charge for that respective location. Then simply enter your T-Mobile HotSpot username and password and you’re connected!

    All our roaming prices are listed on the T-Mobile HotSpot Roaming Information Page. Charges are added to your regular monthly bill each time you connect on our roaming network.

    You can see the details of your bill anytime online by visiting, entering your user name and password under “View Account Information” and then selecting “View Invoice.”

    We also want to encourage you to monitor your use of roaming services and log out when you are finished with your session in order to avoid unnecessary charges to your account.

    Here's an excerpt from the T-Mobile Connection Manager Readme File
    Version 1.7 with EDGE/GPRS and Roaming Support
    T-Mobile USA. 2005. All rights reserved.

    This document provides information on the latest release of T-Mobile Connection Manager and includes System Requirements, Card Support, Installation Notes and Technical Support sections.


    Version 1.7 of the T-Mobile Connection Manager supports T-Mobile’s EDGE/GPRS data service. To use EDGE/GPRS, you must have a T-Mobile EDGE/GPRS data card with a valid SIM installed before using. If you are only using T-Mobile HotSpot, then you do not need a T-Mobile SIM.

    This version supports enhanced roaming support, including thousands of locations internationally and domestically, with the Wi-Fi service providers listed below.
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    Source -

    T-Mobile USA offers EDGE across 90% of GRPS network

    By David Ciccone,

    T-Mobile USA Inc. said it has launched EDGE services across 90 percent of its GPRS-enabled network and that the higher-speed wireless data service now is commercially available to customers with EDGE-enabled devices. The carrier was expected to launch EDGE earlier this year, but delayed the service due to a lack of compelling devices.

    T-Mobile USA currently offers a pair of EDGE-enabled handsets from Motorola Inc. and Nokia Corp. A company spokesman said customers can continue to access the EDGE services for the same price as their current GRPS rate plans, but that the carrier would begin looking at possible EDGE-specific pricing plans sometime in the future.

    .......... T-Mobile USA's parent company Deutsche Telekom AG said it was waiting on additional spectrum before announcing additional network upgrades.

    DT also announced that its T-Mobile International operations signed Wi-Fi roaming agreements with Swisscom Mobile and Telecom Italia covering 1,000 hot-spot locations in Switzerland and 800 locations in Italy. The agreement is available to T-Mobile wireless customers in Austria, The Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
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    Are you experiencing the increased speed ?
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    I'm in Tennessee. I haven't seen anything different in my connection speed. Is there anything additional required to load (software wise) on my Treo 650? Is my device capable?

    I only use the T-Zones with the Proxy workaround for email, and very light web surfing.
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    I'm not seeing EDGE speeds in Westchester, NY as of today.

    38 kbit/sec
    2.154s latency
    127.081s d/l time
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    I think there being a little generous with that 90% thing. No EDGE yet here in eastern Illinois.

    Though the Chicago Land area has it. So does southern Indiana. Unless they disable it for old T-Zone customers, which I doubt.
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    T-Mo has had EDGE in California/Nevada for over a year because of sharing with Cingular. I'm sure you already knew that, just posting for the record.
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    Haven't seen any higher speeds down here in San Diego. Is there a trick to getting EDGE turned on? More cost? Extra subscription?

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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusbliss
    Haven't seen any higher speeds down here in San Diego. Is there a trick to getting EDGE turned on? More cost? Extra subscription?

    No, it'll just work. You'll just get EDGE instead of plain old GPRS.
    If you're in San Diego I think you're already getting EDGE just like the rest of Claifornia.
    If you get more than 50kbps, you definately have EDGE. I never got above 35kbps on GPRS on the Treo 600.
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    I have been able to stream 128 kbps audio streams here in the Far East Bay (San Fran). Fast speeds at night, but duing the day slows to 50kbps. Been like that ever since I got my phone. I do notice that coverage is worse since I can no longer roam on Cingular or cingular has reconfigured the towers
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    My bytes loaded counter jumped into hyper-speed, so I stopped by DSL reports and got a speed of 137 kbit/sec. Whoo Hoo! Edge in Northfield MN (35 miles south of the Twin Cities)!
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    I used to be able to roam on Cingular, but since the last week or so I get No Service - SOS Only. I guess that TMobile and Cingular dropped their roaming agreements. :-(

    Also, no little green triangle when in EDGE mode (TMobile SIM) and same old voice mail.
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    I just checked out TMo's pages and the price for the unlimited Internet plan is now $29.99
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    My T-Mobile still lists the T-Mobile Internet plan with a voice contract at $19.99. Without a voice contract, its always been $29.99.


    Looking closer, I do see the T-Mobile VPN plan is $29.99, as you said. My apologies to jumping to conclusions.
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    I just talked to a TMobile rep and he indicated that a TMobile phone cannot connect to a cingular tower if there is a TMobile tower near by. If that was a recent change it explains why I can no longer get on to Cingular here in Northfield.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rysmith
    WOW! I ran across this thread again on Saturday and tried it out (in Phoenix) to see if there had been any progress but got the usual 32kbps. Then right before bed I figured I'd try it again just to see and it's consistently given me 125-135. I cleared the cache just to see if it was that and still had great speed. I'll try it again tomorrow but it's nice to finally have it!
    I am in phoenix as well, but don't know how to check the speed on the data connection. I would love to know what the rate was at.
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    Use; choose the 200k file.
    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    Use; choose the 200k file.
    Thank you for the information Bill. I appreicate the link. I did the test and I got a result of 60kbit/sec.
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    In Manhattan, NYC, I am getting 100-175kbps, so I don't doubt that EDGE is here.
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    Is the 650 but NOT the 600 edge-enabled? Are they both?
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