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    I have an unlocked 650 that I am using with T-mobile. It constantly restarts. It shuts down and goes through its 30 second start up cycle. It seems to only do this with the sim card in. I purchased another sim card and it does the same thing. I was told that it could be incompatible with the gemplus sim card. The new sim card I have does not say G or gemplus on it. It was the only other one that the t-mobile store had. I am still having the same problem. It happens all day long. Also the volume is very low, which just may be the way the treo 650 is. Does anyone know about this and have any suggestions. The customer service at t-mobile and palm one were of no help.
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    Search the forum for instructions on how to wipe your versamail database. More than likely, this is what's doing it. I had this problem a lot when I was using three different email addresses. Migrated everything over to Gmail, and got the Palm update. No more problems.
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    Sounds like the problem, but this happenned before I even synced it. No mail on it at all. I hard reset it twice and it still has the same problem.
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    With NOTHING on it, the first 650 that Palm sent me reset after nearly every call.

    They sent me a replacement, and its been nothin' but luv since.

    if this is what's happening to you (when NOTHING is on your hard reset 650), it might be necessary to swap it out.
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