I just had the absolute WORST customer service experience of my life. Absolutely abysmal.

Called stating that I could not connect to the internet from my house. Merle asks me to hold, and puts the phone down...I could hear him in the background. Nice comments such as "tell him that's too bad", "I don't care" and "ha, well it works for me". Very customer focused.

When Merle comes back on, he says "well, if it doesn't work for you, you should just cancel your service".

Mind you, at this point, he hasn't even asked what kind of phone I have. I've already told him that my internet service works fine from my office in Boston, just not from home. I've told him I have full signal strength at home. He's asked me nothing. Not one single trouble shooting question.

I tell Merle he must be joking and ask for his manager. I get Laurie....same voice I already heard saying "I don't care". She proceeds to tell me I "must" be in an area that doesn't provide internet access. I ask her if she can see what tower I am connected to, she says yes. I ask her if that tower is internet capable, she says "well, i normally don't give out that information". I ask again...as politely as I can possibly muster at this point. She says, yes, it's internet capable. So I ask why she said I must be in an area that doesn't support the internet...and why I have to do my own troubleshooting. She says. "well you said it wasn't working, and I am troubleshooting this for you".

Eventually she re-provisions my phone and lo-and-behold, internet access works. Unbelieveable.

My 2 year old could provide far superior tech support AND customer service. Seriously. What a joke.